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Elite Genesis 12000 Pond Filter

Elite GENESIS 21000 Filter is designed for Koi ponds up to 11,000 gallons. First in filtration, the Elite Genesis Filter is arguably the finest pressurized bead filter system ever designed for use in outdoor Koi ponds. These durable, professional-grade pond filters offer unrivaled performance and value compared to competitor filters on the market. Featuring a compact design, Genesis Filters are also the easiest bead filtration systems to maintain. Recommended weekly maintenance can be completed in less than 5 minutes, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your pond. Covered by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, the Genesis is truly in a class by itself. Specifically engineered to deliver exceptional water quality even for highly stocked environments, the Genesis is the perfect choice for large Koi ponds as well as a wide variety of aquaculture applications. An 8-inch clear lid comes standard with all Genesis Filter models, which allows you to view the bio media itself while the filter is in use. This is a major upgrade compared to the lower quality 6-inch yellow lids (commonly advertised as clear)offered with competitor filters, which can actually be extremely difficult to actually see through. A powerful 2 horsepower air blower also comes standard with all Genesis systems, which effectively removes fish waste and other harmful debris from the filter bio media during backwash. The Genesis biological filter media is also a huge upgrade compared to many filter systems on the market. Unlike tubular media, which can allow a large amounts of waste and debris to simply tunnel its way back into your pond, Genesis bio media is designed to provide maximum surface area for beneficial bacteria growth while also providing outstanding fines removal (mechanical filtration). To help maximize value, Genesis Filters are also designed to work well with todays high flow, energy efficient pumps (Elite Primer Pro Pumps recommended).




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